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100+ Best Respect Quotes And Status 2016

Respect is a huge importance and that’s what every single person deserves. At times, I have witnessed that a person with high standards disrespect someone with lower standards. That’s entirely unfair! Because the person they disrespect might have a low-standard, but his/her heart has too many feelings and definitely deserves respect. In fact, if you Respect them, they’ll respect you too and they’ll be happy for you.

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Respect Quotes

Respect Quotes

They’ll pray for you! Good behavior, good attitude and responding someone in a good way could change someone’s feelings and make them really happy. Nobody deserves to be disrespected; no matter what type of person that is or what standard he holds. Never! So, this time we are going to share best respect quotes for you. These Respect quotes have many hidden lessons, which is just gonna touch your heart and make you understand the fact of Life!

100+ Best Respect Quotes And Status 2016

1. ) A man who respects a woman must be a reasonable man!

2. ) No man who is occupied in doing a very difficult thing, and doing it very well, ever loses his self-respect.

3. ) “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”

4. ) “Who am I to judge what I don’t understand” – Unkown

5. ) If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.

6. ) Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect.

7. ) “It is only when you accept how different you all are, that you will be able to see how much the same you all are. Don’t expect anybody to be the same as you, then you will see that you are in many ways the same as everybody.” C. JoyBell C.

8. ) When you say yes to others make sure you are not saying no to yourself.

9. ) Respecting yourself means listening to your body and emotions continuously. Then acting beyond a linear logic to achieve ones goals.

10. ) Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

11. ) Don’t grow a wish bone where your back bone aught to be.

12. ) “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”

13. ) Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.

14. ) “Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves”.

15. ) A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself.

16. ) Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

17. ) How can you respect others without respecting yourself?

18. ) “You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

19. ) “Differences were meant not to divide but to enrich.”- J. H. Oldham

20. ) He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.

Respect Quotes

Respect Quotes

21. ) When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.

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22. ) Respect yourself and others will respect you.

23. ) Before you respect others respect yourself first.

24. ) “Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress.” – Mahatma Ghandi

25. ) “Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered – either by themselves or by others.”

26. ) They cannot take away our self- respect if we do not give it to them

27. ) “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”

28. ) Self-respect permeates every aspect of your life.

29. ) “Self worth cannot be verified by others. You are worthy because you say it is so. If you depend on others for your value it is other-worth.”

30. ) “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.”

31. ) “Treat people exactly as you would like to be treated by them.” – Golden Rule

32. ) “I must respect the opinions of others even if I disagree with them.” – Herbert H. Lehman

33. ) “The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” – Chief Seattle

34. ) “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

35. ) “The most important opinion you have is the one you have of yourself, and the most significant things you say all day are those things you say to yourself.”

36. ) “A person’s a person no matter how small.” – Dr. Seuss

37. ) “It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”

38. ) “Listen to your heart above all other voices.”

39. ) “Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” – Confucius

40. ) “Be modest, be respectful of others, try to understand.” – Lakhdar Brahimi

Respect Quotes

Respect Quotes

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41. ) “I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.”

42. ) “If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.”

43. ) “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”

44. ) “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” – Albert Einstein

45. ) “To trust one’s mind and to know that one is worthy of happiness is the essence of self-esteem.”

46. ) “Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.”

47. ) “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

48. ) Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.

49. ) “Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”

50. ) “Self-trust is the first secret of success.”

51. ) “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”

52. ) “The greatest success is successful self-acceptance.”

53. ) “If I am not for myself, who will be?”

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54. ) “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”

55. ) “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.”

56. ) “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”

57. ) “To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.” – Bono

58. ) my day, we didn’t have self-esteem, we had self-respect, and no more of it than we had earned.

59. ) The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.

60. ) “We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.”

Respect Quotes

Respect Quotes

61. ) Self respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.

62. ) No girl should ever forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

63. ) “Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.”

64. ) I care not so much what I am to others as what I am to myself. I will be rich by myself, and not by borrowing.

65. ) “The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.”

66. ) “You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.”

67. ) “The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone.”

68. ) Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price.

69. ) That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong.

70. ) Never esteem anything as of advantage to you that will make you break your word or lose your self-respect.

71. ) Self respect isn’t ignoring your flaws: it’s embracing them.

72. ) Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.

73. ) “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

74. ) “I firmly believe that respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity.”

75. ) Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or make you happy.

76. ) Never beg for a relationship. Be brave to accept the one who really wants to be with you and reject the one who just pretends to be with you.

77. ) To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves – there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.

78. ) “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

79. ) “What a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates his fate.”

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80. ) If you don’t have respect for yourself, you won’t get it anywhere else.

81. ) A man who doesn’t trust himself can never really trust anyone else.

82. ) “One of the most significant characteristics of healthy esteem is that it is the state of one who is not at war either with himself or with others”.

83. ) “The most important key to the permanent enhancement of esteem is the practice of positive inner-talk”.

84. ) If I despised myself, it would be no compensation if everyone saluted me, and if I respect myself, it does not trouble me if others hold me lightly.

85. ) “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

Respect Quotes

Respect Quotes

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86. ) “Well, we all know that self-esteem comes from what you think of you, not what other people think of you.”

87. ) Respect Yourself. If you don’t, others won’t either. Remember, the world sees what you put out there, so hold yourself to a high standard of grace and elegance.

88. ) “There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.”

89. ) “All the events of your past have formed a lens through which you see the world. And since no one’s past is exactly like anyone else’s, no two people see alike.”

90. ) Cutting people out of my life, does not mean I hate them, it simply means I respect me.

91. ) I’m not a backup plan, and definitely not a second choice

92. ) “If you doubt you can accomplish something, then you can’t accomplish it. You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”

93. ) Happiness blooms in the presence of self-respect,and the absence of ego

94. ) “Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.”

95. ) “Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.”

96. ) “Too many people overvalue what they are not, and undervalue what they are.”

97. ) I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.

98. ) “A fruit salad is delicious precisely because each fruit maintains its own flavor.” – Sean Covey

99. ) What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.

100. ) Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue.

101. ) “Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance.”

102. ) They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.

103. ) “The tragedy is that so many people look for self-confidence and self-respect everywhere except within themselves, and so they fail in their search.”

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104. ) “Someone else’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

105. ) Self-respect is the fruit of discipline…


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