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Downloading WhatsApp for PC in 5 Easy Steps

Download WhatsApp for PC

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As popularity of a particular technology rises, there comes a phrase that is commonly used and that is ‘Before and After’. For example, now it is said, ‘life before mobile phones and life after it’. There was a time when, if you wanted to wish or send a message, you had to either call up the person, or use the email option or the snail mail. To outdo them and to make social life easier, came messaging apps. Yet, not all could survive and definitely not all are popular. But there is one app that has invariably put other messaging apps and that is –WhatsApp. Thus now the phrase ‘Life before WhatsApp and Life after WhatsApp’ is what is trending now all over the world.

It comes with many benefits. You can send images, videos, forward information or posts to a single person or to a group. You can form you own friends or family group in it and chat with multiple contacts. And so on. Also, now that the app also has the facility to make local or international calls, it has only become dearer to a wide population all over the globe.

Since some time ago, it was only possible to use WhatsApp on your mobile phones but now that they have introduced the web version, you can even use the app on your desktop, PC or laptop.

You can download WhatsApp on your PC in just 5 easy steps and there are two methods that you can choose from.

Whasapp for PC

Use WhatsApp Web

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There are many who do not like to use their mobile phone always. And then there are those, who dislike checking on their phones all the time when they are using their PC. For such people, it is really good news that the web version of WhatsApp is available which they can use on their PC or laptop. This version has been launched by WhatsApp itself and hence you can use it without having to worry about its authenticity or usability. It is the official version that can be used in your PC. But you need to understand that it cannot be used independently and you will have to sync it with your mobile phone. Thus, all the messages and Whatsapp status updates that you see and receive on WhatsApp on your mobile phone can also be seen on your PC.

Follow these five steps and you will be able to use WhatsApp conveniently on your PC:

Step 1: Visit the website web.whatsapp.com through your PC. You will see the box, ‘keep me signed in’.

Step 2: Now you will have to open WhatsApp on your phone. For different types of phone, there are different keys to be tapped. For Android phones, there is an option of recent key. That has to be tapped. And for the Windows phones, you will see three dots that appear on the right side of the screen. Tap on those dots. Now choose WhatsApp web.

Step 3:  A QR code appears. You will have to click on the icon, ‘OK, Got it’.

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Step 4: Scan the QR Code that will now appear on your PC screen which is on the website you have first logged in.

Step 5: Verify your phone number.

Downloading WhatsApp for PC using Android emulators

Using Android emulators makes downloading WhatsApp easier and quicker. Though there are many emulators available, Bluestacks is one of the best and also very popular. It is also compatible with Windows and also Mac.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks and install it in your PC. You can either use the official website for the purpose or get it from any other website. Choose a reliable and authentic website in order to download Whatsapp for PC though, I will suggest https://for-pcs.com .

Step 2: Run the program. That is you will receive an option asking you permission to run Bluestacks. Click on ‘yes’ and wait. It will take few minutes to download Bluestacks completely. So, all you have to do here now is wait.

Step 3: Open Bluestacks and search for WhatsApp. Once you find it, click on it so that it can be installed.

Step 4: Now, open WhatsApp and type in your mobile number.

Step 5: Complete the verification process. Once you enter your phone number, you will receive a code to be used for verification via SMS. Enter this code and your registration process will get completed. If the SMS doesn’t come through, you can always use the call feature to complete the verification procedure. This step is very important as without verification, you will not be able to use WhatsApp.

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To conclude, no matter what or how you download WhatsApp for PC, the bottom line is that your life becomes easier now that you will have access to one of the best messaging apps ever all the time. That definitely means, more catching up with friends, and more friendship. Keeping in touch with families or friends has not been easier or more enjoyable.

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