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Downloading WhatsApp messenger app for PC Windows 2016

Day by day the WhatsApp messenger is becoming popular. Number of users who are using this app is huge today. But this messenger is designed for use in Smart devices like Smartphone and tablet. Officially there is no way to use these apps in pc. User demands for using this Whatsapp for PC is increasing day by day. This is because many users can’t use their phones all time a day. They spend more time in their laptops than with their Smartphone. So they want WhatsApp to be installed in their desktop laptops.

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Even though this is not easy, there are ways to do this. One can follow few steps and have their favorite messenger working in their PC.

So today there are many unofficial tools which one can use to download WhatsApp For PC and install it on their pc. One among them is WhatsApp. Majority of the tools available are free to use. Even though there is no much difference one can easily try this just to learn how WhatsApp works in their pc. One good thing is that many of the features are same in phone and pc usage of the WhatsApp. There are few features which are not available in pc version. Some of them are blocking a user, group chat etc. Above mentioned tool is a Android emulator. Using emulator is the best known method to install WhatsApp on pc. These emulators are very light and they demand very little space and minimal configurations.

Using Emulators:

There is software called Android emulators. These will help users to install Android Apps like WhatsApp in their pc. They work by creating a virtual environment for Apps so that they think they are working in the Smart device. One of the examples for this type of emulator is Bluestacks.

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whatsapp for pc download

Using this emulator one can install WhatsApp to their computer by following few steps.

  • First download the emulator from the internet
  • Install the emulator
  • After the installation open the emulator and in the search field search for WhatsApp
  • Once search results WhatsApp, go for installation using install button next to the WhatsApp messenger icon
  • After installation open the App. This will ask for login or register. If one is already using WhatsApp then use the same credentials. If not they need to register freshly in any Smart device.
  • Similar to the way we login for the first time in our phone, it will ask for country and phone number
  • After entering an SMS will be sent with confirmation code which should be entered in the respective filed
  • In pc installation one may face problem in this step but nothing to worry. If not received SMS, user will definitely receive a call that will give an activation code
  • He can use this and activate the account. Now the WhatsApp is ready to use in pc.

Once installed, user can see the list of contacts which are already in his list in the phone. There will be sync between WhatsApp client in phone and computer client. Even the chat history gets synced easily. So user can use either phone client or computer WhatsApp. If he deletes a conversation in phone then the same will be reflected in computer version immediately.

Using Web WhatsApp for PC:

There is even a web version of WhatsApp is available which has released recently. This has come with almost all features of phone version of WhatsApp. It is known as WhatsApp web. This is ompatible with almost all the browsers. But many users recommend to use it in Chrome. This is because experience with Chrome browser is better compared to other browsers.

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In future this may become the best way to use WhatsApp in pc than any other method. This is because this doesn’t require any software to be installed on your pc and this will work in all the computer without any restriction.

One of the drawbacks of this method is that, while using computer client, you have to make sure that even your phone has active internet connection. That means WhatsApp phone account must be active. So if one can use only computer version in a situation then this method is not suitable for them. They can better follow the method of installing whatsapp using emulator. That version of whatsApp will work standalone without the need of phone version of the WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to use WhatsApp Web.

  • First one needs to go to WhatsApp’s official website or to the alternative Whatsapp for PC website.
  • There you will find a code called QR code. It will be like an image
  • Now have the Smart device either your Smartphone or tablet where you use WhatsApp
  • Open the WhatsApp go to options
  • Now select WhatsApp web. This will take you to a QR scanner screen
  • So now using your mobile scan the QR code that is displayed on the computer screen
  • This should take care of signing into to WhatsApp account on the pc

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After following this method, one can easily use WhatsApp for Windows. This is the present official way to do this. If one wants to sign out, then there is an option available in mobile which sign outs the user from WhatsApp web.

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